How does ART work

Active Release Techniques is a hands on manual method of examining and treating all areas of the body.  It has high specificity due to the highly developed palpation skills of the therapists that are certified to provide these treatments. Not to mention their numerous years of anatomy, physiology and clinical knowledge.
ART uses all aspects of the client’s case history and physical exam to determine not only the overloaded tissue(area of pain) but the actual underlying mechanism that is causing these tissues to be overloaded.

An example of this would be if there was pain in the knee when going up stairs all the internal and external parts of the knee would be examined ( capsule, menisci, collateral and cruciate ligaments etc.) . Once the overloaded tissue was identified then the method of injury would be determined by looking at the supporting tissues of the knee (Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves etc.).

By looking at the complete picture of the injury (overloaded tissue) it is very straight forward to treat and educate the client on how to stretch or strengthen the appropriate tissues. This not only decreases/eliminates the pain symptoms but permanently solves the tissue overload problem.

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